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Paris Innovative Finance and FinTech Workshop – May 04, 2018

Dear Colleague,

I regret to inform you that the Paris Innovative Finance and Fintech Workshop that was scheduled to take place on May 4 , 2018 will be postponed.

Unfortunately, we have encountered some logistical difficulties that prevent us from hosting this event as planned, including an SNCF national strike that is programmed to take place during the original date of the workshop.

As soon as we resolve these logistical issues, I will inform you of the new date for the workshop. In the meantime, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience and I hope that you participate in this event once we reschedule it.

Best regards,

Associate Professor of Finance and Financial Accounting
Head of the International Research Cluster in Economic Disruptions, Finance and Regulation
ISC Paris Business School


Call for Papers

ISC Paris Business School, in partnership with La Rochelle Business School, will hold a Workshop devoted to innovative finance and Fintech on May 04, 2018. For practitioners and researchers interested in the interdisciplinary theme of FinTech and new financial challenges, this event will provide an opportunity to meet and discuss their findings and concerns. Digital innovations and technology-enabled business model innovations in the financial sector (FinTech) in today’s world interact with innovative forms of financing that have emerged to meet the needs of businesses and their globalization challenges. We are delighted to organize a Workshop in this field to discuss the following issue: The role of FinTech and innovative finance in supporting expanding businesses and thus in stimulating sustainable economic growth.

Paris Innovative Finance and FinTech Workshop

General topics of this workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Inclusive finance
  • Digital finance and banking
  • Bitcoin
  • Crowdfunding
  • Invoice trading
  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Corporate governance
  • Islamic finance
  • Future of Payments

May 4, 2018

Workshop venue address
ISC Paris Business School
22 bd du Fort de Vaux 75017 Paris

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More on the Workshop website:

ISC Paris, 1 December 2017