César Zurita, promo ISC Paris 2009, nommé Directeur des Opérations de Nexmo

César Zurita, promo ISC Paris 2009, rejoint Nexmo, un des leaders mondiaux dans les services de communication dans le cloud, au poste de Directeur des Opérations.

Nous lui adressons toutes nos félicitations pour ce  très beau poste !

En savoir plus sur Nexmo : 

Nexmo is a fast growth, profitable VC backed start up disrupting the $100b+ communication and telecom markets leveraging novel cloud technologies.

Nexmo enables enterprises and developers to communicate via cloud services simply and seamlessly with any phone globally. Coming off a record-breaking revenue growth in 2013, Nexmo recently closed an $18 million Series C funding to grow its global footprint, as it continues to expand international offices, customers and partners.

Nexmo connects Cloud applications to billions of phones, enabling businesses to interact instantly with their customers on a global basis. Extending the Cloud experience to any handset, mobile messaging apps use Nexmo for their user acquisition, security, and other business critical customer interactions.

Nexmo also achieved a staggering run rate of over 2.5 billion Cloud API calls that were placed using the service in 2013. In 2013, Nexmo became the number one enabler of Cloud communication apps such as Viber, Line, Airbnb.


ISC Paris, 10 février 2015