MBA International Business de l’ISC Paris

A career accelerator, the International Business MBA is a high-level program aimed at executives wishing to boost their professional project and question their practices.

The key points

  • Admissions requirements Aimed at working management professionals with three to five years of university study and minimum 3 years of professional experience
  • Accreditations AMBA accredited MBA and school accredited by AACSB and BGA
  • Languages 100% in English
  • Schedule Part-time, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, three days per week.
  • Length 24 months
  • Tuition €20,000 / €24,000 (non EU countries)
  • Next start date October & February 2022
  • Campus Paris

What is an MBA ?

Why do an MBA?

Highlights of the MBA program


A prestigious program with a China campus, opened three years ago.


Team of high-quality professors, both research professors and professional experts


An original instructional approach (Action Learning) that combines academic content and hands-on learning (mission, Business Games)

Innovative pedagogy

A schedule that allows you to continue working
Small class sizes to foster interpersonal interaction.
An ideal location on our Paris campus

Curriculum for the MBA in International Business in Paris

The MBA in International Business is a 24-month program divided into:

4 semesters of classes :

  • 2 semesters of intensive course;
  • One semester of corporate work experience;
  • One semester to write your professional thesis.

501 hours of in-person courses, in 5 blocks :

  • Fundamentals : Finance, Law
  • Core Courses : Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Information System Management
  • Entrepreneuship & Innovation : Project & Risk Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • International & Globalisation : International Supply Chain Management & Operation Management, Strategic Decision in international trade
  • Capstone : Consulting Mission, Dissertation, Internship

50 hours of online courses with access to Harvard publishing;

  • Courses and assessments in financial analysis;
  • Management
  • Advanced Excel

Career paths after the ISC Paris MBA program

An overview of the ISC Paris Master of Business Administration in International Business

The ISC Paris MBA trains the next generation of leaders. The program is tailored to the business world’s current needs, and to the issues of the future (integrating corporate social responsibility, the digital transformation, new management methods, etc.). The MBA is truly a career booster. Students gain a global perspective, a strategic outlook, and are trained as ethical and effective managers.
Would you like to work at the intersection of human resources management and marketing? The ISC Paris Master of Business Administration program in Paris is for you.

MBA program methods and policies

Length of program: Two years of study, 501 total hours of coursework

4 semesters of classes :

  • 2 semesters of intensive course
  • One semester of corporate work experience;
  • One semester to write your professional thesis.

Level of program: French Bac +5/+6, French RNCP level 7

Advanced entry is possible, based on an advanced entry examination

Transfer from other programs: No.

Evaluation methods:

  • Papers written in groups, with an oral defense;
  • Case studies (submission of an individual or group paper);
  • Corporate case studies (individual or group);
  • Role-playing games (individual and/or group), submission of a summary paper.

RNCP: In partnership with ESAM. Program prepares students for the “Managing entrepreneur” certification issued by the IGS-ESAM Group’s certifier, certified by the French government at level 7, Code NSF 310m, listed by the RNCP (Fiche n° RNCP35173) as per the decree of December 8, 2017, published in the Official Journal on December 21, 2017.

Credits for prior experience: No

CPF (personal education account)-eligible program: Yes.

Objectives of the ISC Paris MBA program

Training responsible managers

The Paris-based MBA in International business is aimed at working managers or job seekers, and is held part-time, on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Designed for students who want to forge new paths in their careers, the MBA teaches skills and knowledge in international business, management, and marketing. The program is taught entirely in English. Students will be able to respond to major international business and management challenges, seen through the lens of foreign markets.

Instructional goals of the MBA

It is critical to meet the challenges of strong economic growth in an increasingly competitive and globalized market. For this reason, the ISC Paris MBA program trains responsible managers who know how to develop a strategic vision, share it with others, and implement it in an international, intercultural, complex, and ever-evolving environment. To meet these challenges, we teach students to:

  • Manage a business team in France or internationally;
  • Direct a network of business units;
  • Negotiate and support clients;
  • Design a development strategy;
  • Prepare and plan business activities;
  • Develop a partnership policy.

Skills developed in the MBA program

  • Designing and deploying a business strategy.
  • Steering innovation and deployment of business offerings in France and internationally.
  • Steering of operational activities: performance and management.
  • Corporate governance, leadership, and representation as it relates to stakeholders.

Students will learn the management skills that will allow them to define corporate global strategies. Students will also be able to identify the opportunities that the market offers them, and to take action on growth initiatives across various business sectors and geographic areas. As management specialists, graduates will be able to create an entrepreneurial dynamic focused on innovation and deployment of business offerings in France and internationally.

Data from previous MBA classes in Paris

  • Graduation rate (class of 2020): 50% (9/18).
  • Satisfaction rate (Classes of 2018, 2019, and 2020): 94.1% (Results from the annual satisfaction survey of 51 students, July 2021)..
  • Job placement rate (classes of 2018, 2019, and 2020 – Survey in July 2021).
  • Six months after graduation.
  • Employment rate: 76.5% (39 students working out of 51 responses)
  • Rate of further study: 9.8% (five out of 51 students).
  • Current status: employment rate: 92.2% (47 students working out of 51 responses)

Testimonials from MBA graduates

“The MBA made me aware of my potential to learn new skills, specifically in the area of healthcare innovation, and thus to move up more quickly within my company.”

Marie-Noëlle Vinet
ISC Paris MBA graduate, Director of Healthcare Marketing and Innovation, Krys Group

“I chose the ISC Paris Global Programs MBA because I wanted to give my career a more international scope, and the part-time schedule allowed me to have time to devote to looking for a job.”

Antonnella Ventrice
ISC Paris MBA graduate, Director of national clients at GSK

A word from the MBA Paris Director

An MBA program is a smart choice for anyone who wants to boost or restart their career, or change careers. Students quickly learn new concepts that improve their management skills and capabilities. This program is also a chance to become more familiar with how corporations work, through our courses taught by professors and working professionals. This program is recognized worldwide, because of ISC Paris’ industry-leading international accreditations

Jad Bazih, MBA program director

Instructional methods

  • Courses
  • Creation of a business model and a business plan for a company or a business line.
  • Writing papers, individual or group essays and a thesis, defended before a jury of working professionals.
  • Role-playing (individual or group) for a corporate plan presentation, incorporating stakeholder constraints.
  • Case studies, with students given three days to resolve the proposed corporate case questions.
  • Lectures

MBA requirements

The MBA is intended for students :

  • who have at least three years of significant professional work experience including management responsibilities,
  • who speak, read and write at a professional level in English : Completed three years (90 credits) of university studies entirely in English or at an English-language university (excluding internships, directed studies and theses) or a minimum score on one of the following English admission tests TOEFL ibt : 72, IELTS: 6, TOEIC: 785
  • and who hold a Bachelor’s degree, or a Master’s degree, or equivalent, from a business school or similar professional program (engineering school degree, medical, pharmacy, architecture, etc.)

To apply for scholarships, contact us.

Admissions procedures

Online entrance examination: All year round.
Applications are evaluated throughout the year, until the available places are filled.
Next MBA start date: Fall 2022
The application fee is 45 euros

Three-step admissions process

Online application

Submit your application on our online candidate portal;


Administrative review of each candidate’s application by our admissions director;


Selected applications move to the interview phase (may be done over Skype for candidates outside France) before a jury.

Interviews assess the applicant’s personality, motivation, potential for success and suitability for the MBA program. The final step is an English proficiency assessment, done via a recognized test, or proof of a university degree from a program taught in English.

What are the costs for the MBA in Paris?

The cost for the two years of the MBA program is: € 20,000 / €24,000 (non EU countries)

To finance your education, you may be eligible for a number of options depending on your employment status and your personal situation. The information below is provided for informational purposes only. Please contact the funding organization directly, for more information about the funding to which you are entitled and how to access it.

If you are currently employed

Skill development plan.

This plan includes all training activities related to the company’s employee management plan. It may also include skill and experience assessments, or programs to promote literacy.

Personal Educational Account (French: CPF, Compte Personnel de Formation)

A CPF gives you the right to be absent from work to participate in an educational program. To access this, you as the employee must fulfill certain requirements and must submit a request to your employer using a specific procedure.

If you are applying for jobs

Individual Educational Leave (French: CIF, congé individuel de formation).

A CIF gives you the right to be absent from work to participate in an educational program. To access this, you, as an employee or former employee with a fixed-term employment contract (French: CDD) must fulfill certain requirements and must submit a request to your employer using a specific procedure.

If you plan to fund your studies yourself

ISC Paris has negotiated preferred loan terms with the Caisse d’Epargne Levallois-Louise Michel.

Magali Poyeau: (+33 )(0)1 71 09 61 16.

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