MBA Financial Engineering

The MBA Financial Engineering is dedicated to participants and professionals who envision working in an international environment either in international corporations, or in consultancies, or in financial institutions with a strong financial exposure such as investment banking or project finance. In that context, all courses are delivered in English which is undisputedly the working language required to open the doors to international careers. Most of the courses are taught by professionals and academics with a strong professional background. A specific focus is put on cash management, international risk management, hedging position using market tools, mergers and acquisitions, equity capital markets and structured financing such as LBOs under their various aspects : legal, tax, finance. A substantial part of the courses is dedicated to real or potential transactions so that the attendees are regularly put in professional situation.

Start of the school year

  • October 2019

Tuition fees

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This programme intends to provide future Finance Managers a strong understanding of Finance and Banking subjects with :

  • A solid understanding of the financial risks that must be identified and hedge.
  • An intimacy with the tools and techniques used for Corporate Treasury Management in international groups.
  • A sound knowledge of the tools used on the markets for hedging risk, arbitrating a position, and speculating.
  • An understanding of the relationship between Management and Finance
  • A pragmatic intelligence of the tools and techniques of the Finance sector
  • A practical approach to quantitative techniques and modeling
  • A practical training in project finance.
  • Mastering the decision-making process in uncertain environments

Strength of the program

Career opportunities in companies, banks and consultancies. The knowledge, confidence and experience required to be job-ready in the Finance area :

  • A broad and solid scope to prepare for a large range of career opportunities
  •  A specific learning approach linking theory and professional practice.
  • Serious game and Real-life exercises

A real connection to the professional world

  • The team is made up of academics with significant professional experience (at least 10 years) in the area
  • Assessment of several activities in collaboration with professionals
  •  Various possibilities to enrich and develop your professional network

Specific activities aiming at facilitating professional integration in the Finance sector

  • A 6 month work assignment to be conducted in the Finance area in a firm, a bank or a consultancy
  •  Special workshops focused on career strategy and job finding
  • Review of the development and activation of a professional network
  • Career day

Career and job opportunities

Corporate finance : corporate treasurer, financial officer, cfo, internal control officer, bank executive, business development manager, credit analyst, insurance company executive, leasing company manager, financial expert, consultant. Market finance : trader (forex, commodities, etc.), fund manager, middle and back office, specialized auditor, consultant. Financial engineering : investment banker (m&a), structured finance account manager, fund analyst, consultant.