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International students

Welcome – Bienvenue

Dear International Students, congratulations on your admission to ISC PARIS – School of Management !

We wish you a hearty welcome to our Institution and to France.

Please read this site carefully. It is designed to assist you in preparing your stay in France by answering some major questions which may arise prior to your departure. More detailed information regarding academic regulations, transportation in Paris, and French life in general are included in our Foreign Student Welcome Package, which will be given to you upon arrival.

We, at the International Office, are fully aware of the difficulties you may encounter while adjusting to a new environment, we will always be willing to help you in every possible way to make your stay with us comfortable and beneficial.

We would also strongly advise that prior to your departure, you consult your advisor, registrar, and the international education department of your home institution, regarding credit transfer, graduation requirements, etc. The more questions you are able to have answered by your home institution before your departure the better.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help !

The International Department Team

ISC Paris offers graduate and post graduate bilingual
(French – English) degree programs :

Courses offered in English are in the following subject areas:

Fall Semester :

  • Audit and Human Resources Management
  • Business Strategy in European Affairs
  • Finance
  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • International Corporate Finance
  • Management of Business Relations
  • Management of Sustainable Development
  • Marketing Management of Luxury Products
  • Marketing Management in the Sport Industry

Spring Semester :

  • International Business Management
  • Marketing Communication
  • Marketing Management in the Hospitality Industry
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Purchasing, Logistics and Distribution


Course Selection

1. Courses for International Exchange Students

ISC Paris offers courses in English, French and Spanish for students of our international partner institutions. More than 120 courses are offered in English. Below is given a general overview of the courses open to international exchange students. Per semester, students can choose courses from all years combined. ECTS is based on a full student workload and not limited to contact hours only. The basic allocation of academic credits in ECTS is 60 credits for a full year of study, 30 credits for a semester.

A full course description is available here !

2. How to Apply for an Exchange Program at ISC Paris

If you would like to apply for an exchange program at ISC Paris, please contact the International Department coordinator of your home institution. The application forms can be downloaded from : Application Form

The deadlines for application are :

  • 1st of June (for the Fall semester)
  • 1st of November (for the Spring semester)

You can send the application forms to the International Office :

Ms Christelle DOMBASI
International Manager – Incoming Students


ISC Paris Academic Calendar


  • Introduction Day for International Students, September 17 th 2012
  • Intensive French Seminar, September 17th to 21 th 2012
  • Start of Classes, September 24th 2012
  • End of Classes, December 17th 2012
  • Exams, December 17th to 20th 2012
  • Christmas Break, December 20th 2012 to January 2nd 2013


  • Introduction Day for International Students, January 3rd & January 4th 2013
  • Start of Classes, January 7th 2013
  • Winter Break, March 2nd to March 11th 2013
  • End of Classes, May 31st 2013
  • Exams period Year 1 and Year 2, Beginning of April to May
  • Exams period Year 3, Until May 31st 2013