University exchange: Testimony


International student exchange: a growth experience

Leaving for an exchange in another country is a very enriching and life-changing experience. This opportunity means learning a new language, adapting to a new country, becoming more self-confident and independent. Studying abroad requires you to break out of your comfort zone and conquer new challenges, to grow personally and professionally. It also allows you to make new friends who you’ll undoubtedly stay in touch with throughout your life. An international exchange is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

International mobility of students with disabilities

ISC Paris is an inclusive school and our goal is to provide the same opportunities to all our students, including going abroad.

This is why ISC Paris has set up numerous partnerships with institutions all over the world that can welcome students with disabilities.

Registration procedure: important steps and deadlines


You must meet all application deadlines in order to let us know your preferences.

Application review

Review of your academic records, language proficiency testing, cover letter

Places are assigned

Places will be assigned within two to three weeks, giving priority to students’ preferences.

Partner schools’ information

ISC Paris sends proposed lists of students to partner schools.

Registration procedure

Our partner institutions will contact the selected students directly, to inform them about the registration procedure.

Learning agreement

Students must complete the Learning Agreement and have it approved by ISC Paris before submitting it.


Students receive an acceptance letter.

IMPORTANT: You must comply with the administrative requirements to obtain your visa, and you must meet all deadlines, otherwise you may not be able to leave, and this may jeopardize your educational plans.

Scholarships: support for travel and lodging

Students who are participating in an Erasmus exchange. You may also be able to apply for additional, regional scholarships. Inquire at your regional level for more information.

A wide range of destinations: an outstanding network of partners, worldwide

To promote international opportunities, ISC Paris has created 130 partnerships in 43 countries around the world.

Partnership: GenerationFly

ISC Paris has signed a partnership with GenerationFly, a company gathering several airlines –covering 231 destinations- which offers discounts for our students, namely:

  • Up to €10 discount for short-haul flights
  • Up to €50 discount for long-haul flights
  • 2nd suitcase included in the ticket price
  • 1st flight change free of charge
International Relations
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