A dynamic, engaging, and multi-faceted approach to learning

At ISC Paris, our students learn…

By playing

educational video games, apps, and serious business games.

By trying

new things in our Student Enterprises, case studies, workshops, business games, and one-on-one projects with our partner corporations.

By sharing

with their peers through peer-to-peer discussions, social learning, group projects, collaborative work, shared spaces, and specialized discussion forums.

Through independent learning

via the learning center, self-tests, and our online Scholarvox library.

Our teaching methods are constantly updated, to allow our students to become effective managers who can handle the challenges of globalization.
The new forms of teaching and learning that we test at ISC Paris are developed and piloted in our Instructional Innovation Lab.

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Action learning comes to life in our student enterprises

The ISC Paris Group’s instructional model truly comes to life in our Student Enterprises. The concept of Student Enterprises is unique to ISC Paris, and is recognized and appreciated by corporate hiring managers.

Student Enterprises are integrated into the ISC Paris Grande École Master in Management and Bachelor programs; they motivate students to apply their academic knowledge to the business world. Student Enterprises are managed as real businesses by ISC Paris students: some have up to 80 members, and the most active among them have up to 500,000 euros in revenue.

Real-world learning

All of our courses are driven by the ISC Paris Group’s desire to develop our students’ professional skills. This is evident in various initiatives at the school.