MSc International Business & Marketing at ISC Paris

A graduate program to become a specialist in marketing and strategic corporate management.

The key points

  • Admissions requirements Hold a three, four, or five-year undergraduate degree
  • Accreditations Recognized by the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles
  • Languages 100% in English
  • Schedule Classroom and work/study
  • Length One or two years of study
  • Tuition 12 750€ (1 year course) ; 20 900€ (2 years course)
  • Next start date September 2023
  • Campus Paris

Overview of the MSc International Business Marketing program

The Master of Science in International Business Marketing allows you to develop a marketing specialization and a targeted skill set in project management, in France and internationally. This dual skill set will allow you to support your employer in developing new, high-potential market positions. You will also learn how to analyze a business’ competitive positioning using targeted monitoring,  and to offer innovative and effective development strategies that are based on precise and reliable data. 


  • Branding and advertising, 
  • Customer Strategy, 
  • International marketing,
  •  Salesforce management,
  •  International business negotiation, 
  • Strategic decisions in international trade,
  •  Doing business in emerging markets,
  •  Big data and business intelligence, 
  • International business law, 
  • Learning business by doing business – Markstrat

"Gastronomy and Art de vivre" with Lenôtre

France, well-known worldwide for its gastronomic culture, is facing an increasingly mature gastronomy industry and a highly competitive gastronomy market. Self-upgrading for restaurant brand managers and leaders is the only way forward. ISC Paris and the prestigious French culinary school Lenôtre have partnered to create a high-end dual-discipline training program tailored for talent in gastronomy management. This program combines professional technical training with business theory courses to help you develop a comprehensive business mind-set in the restaurant industry. Upon successful completion, you can obtain a French master’s degree.

Program is focusing on : International Business & Management

· Event Communication & Press relation,

· Strategic Management,

· Luxury Hospitality Strategy Management,

· Wine Gastronomy ,

· Big data Analytics for the hospitality and restaurant,

· Gastronomic Culture French art of living,

· Gastronomic history,

On completion of this training program, you’ll be able to develop real expertise in marketing. You’ll be able to occupy managerial positions with high levels of responsibility and participate in the company’s development. Open to the world, you’ll be able to evolve in international markets. As a strategist and manager, you’ll be able to steer business and supervise teams.

Your versatility and fluency in English will enable you to work in the following areas:

· Foodie Content Media

· Restaurant manager

· Culinary Advisor

· Fine Dining Restaurant Owner

Presentation of the MSc International Business Marketing


Career paths after the ISC Paris MSc International Business Marketing

As a graduate of this program, you will be able to develop true marketing expertise. You will be prepared for a high-responsibility management role, and for participating in corporate development. You will also develop an international outlook focused on international markets. As a strategist and manager, you will be able to direct business activities and supervise a team. Your broad skill set and mastery of English will allow you to work as a:

  • International Business developer
  • Customer relationship manager
  • Marketing specialist
  • Product Manager
  • Brand Manager

Instructional objectives

  • This program allows students to explore and develop an understanding of the application of business theory, legal questions, and management strategies in an international context related to the current world situation. 
  • Students will learn to manage the complexity of cultural questions that affect business relationships beyond international borders.

MSc prerequisites and admissions requirements

We offer three admissions options, depending on your background:

  • If you already hold the equivalent of a management-related “Bac+3” in the French system, or the international equivalent, you will enter in the first year of the program–MSc1–and you will then continue on to MSc2.
  • If you have the equivalent of a “Bac+4” in the French system, you will enter in the second year of the program.
  • If you have the equivalent of a “Bac+5” in the French system, you will enter in the second year of the program.

Admissions procedures

Applications are evaluated throughout the year, until the available places are filled.

Next MSc start date: September 2022

This interview is conducted in-person or over Skype by the program coordinators. It allows us to assess your personality, motivation, potential, and skill level. One third of the interview is conducted in English.

Criteria evaluated during the personal interview: open-mindedness, international outlook, good judgment, general knowledge, career planning, work ethic, perseverance, proactivity, agility, initiative, ability to work as part of a team, personality characteristics, analytic ability, public speaking skills, organization and attention to detail, respect for others, career outlook and relevance to the program, maturity.

The application fee is 45 euros

Three-step admissions process.

Online application

Complete your application on our online portal.


Administrative review of each candidate’s application by our admissions director;


Personal interview (30-40 minutes) for selected applicants

How much does the ISC Paris MSc International Business Marketing cost?

MSC 1 & 2

  • Students who hold EU citizenship: 20,900 euros
  • Students who do not hold EU citizenship: supplement of 2,500 euros


  • Students who hold EU citizenship: 12 750 euros
  • Students who do not hold EU citizenship: supplement of 2,500 euros

*Completing only the first year (MSc 1) is not possible

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