The 5 key points of the ISC Paris MBA International Business Programme

The ISC Paris MBA International Business programme is a high-level career accelerator for executives who want to boost their international management skills. In this article, discover the 5 strong points of the ISC Paris MBA International Business programme.

1. An internationally recognised MBA programme

The Master of Business Administration is a degree from Anglo-Saxon origin, taught 100% in English and widely used internationally. In addition to being an internationally recognised degree, the ISC Paris MBA International Business is triply accredited (AACSB, AMBA & BGA), giving it a certain international recognition and reputation.

Finally, the ISC Paris Executive MBA, which has been holding in Shanghai for the past three years, has been including in the QS 2021 international ranking and is ranked 2nd in the “Executive Profile” criterion.

2.The quality of the teaching staff 

The ISC Paris MBA International Business is taught by a faculty of professors and professional experts recognized in France and abroad.

ISC Paris faculty members hold a doctorate and/or are graduates of the best French and international universities and business schools.

3. An innovative teaching approach: action learning

In addition to theoretical courses in management, strategy, leadership and international marketing, the MBA programme is based on the ISC Paris teaching model: action learning. Professionals will participate in business games, case studies and corporate games. Learning is done in a fun way, by experimenting and sharing with peers through collective projects and collaborative work.

4. A part-time rythm adapted to professionals

The ISC Paris MBA programme is organised on a part-time basis on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, allowing working professionals to continue their work while attending classes. This rhythm also makes it easier to reconcile personal and professional life and to develop new skills.

5. A human-sized programme, 100% in English

The programme is taught exclusively in English in order to best prepare professionals to evolve in an international environment where English is the language of choice for companies.

The programme is offered in a human-sized environment to enable professionals to acquire new skills in the best possible conditions.