The Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA) of ISC Paris

BBA: a 4-year program in Paris to boost your international career

The key points

  • Admission requirements Intended for students with a high school degree or 3 years of undergraduate studies
  • Accreditations AACSB and BGA international accreditations
  • Language 100% English
  • Rythm initial and the 4th year work study
  • Duration 4 years or 1 year
  • Price 10 249€ for the 1rst year ; 10 764€ for the 2nd year ; 10 764€ for the 3rd year ; see tuition and fees for the 4th year
  • Intake September 2024
  • Campus Paris

Presentation of the BBA Program

Programme BBA - Etudiante Bachelor of Business Administration ISC Paris Global Programs

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Why should you start your BBA in Paris?

Starting your studies with a BBA in Paris is one of the best ways to prepare a career in international business and management. It is the economic heartland of France and a major European and world powerhouse. It is home to many companies, from the small innovative startup to the largest leading multinational group. La Défense is a major business district that offers many opportunities to have your first work experiences in an international context.

Living in France will give you the opportunity to learn to speak French, one of the most widely spoken languages, especially in Europe and Africa. Starting your studies in Paris will give you many years to learn and develop this specialized and sought-after skill.

After you complete your BBA, Paris will give you a lot of opportunities to carry on with your studies. If you want to pursue a Master’s degree, you will find many opportunities. ISC Paris offers many Masters in Management and Masters of Science in Paris to develop your skills!

BBA admissions requirements

For year 1 of the BBA: Must hold a secondary school diploma and be fluent in English

For year 4 of the BBA: Must have three years of university study and be fluent in English; no work experience required

Tuition and fees

  • 1st year: 10 249 euros
  • 2nd year: 10 764 euros
  • 3rd year: 10 764 euros
  • 4th year, traditional format: 10 764 euros
  • 4th year, work/study format: Paid by corporate work placement
  • Students who do not hold EU citizenship: 800 euros

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