Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Digital Operations Management

BBA: a 4-year program to boost your international career

The key points

  • Admission requirements Intended for students with a high school degree or 3 years of undergraduate studies
  • Accreditations AACSB and BGA international accreditations
  • Language 100% English
  • Rythm initial and the 4th year work study
  • Duration 4 years or 1 year
  • Price 9950€ for the 1rst year ; 10450€ for the 2nd year ; 10450€ for the 3rd year ; see tuition and fees for the 4th year
  • Intake September 2023
  • Campus Paris

Presentation of the BBA Digital Operations Management

The BBA in Digital Operations Management is an internationally-focused, four-year program that allows students to quickly build their online business skills with a global focus.

This program is aimed at students seeking an international career; it is certified by the French RNCP, level VI (Management and Business Development).

Graduates of this program will be able to identify the challenges related to transitioning business activities to the online world; they will also have expert-level knowledge of the various facets of online sales.

Next start date: September 2022
Admissions requirements: Secondary school diploma (to be admitted to the first year) / Secondary school diploma plus three years of university studies (to be admitted to the fourth year)
100% in English, on our Paris campus

Programme BBA - Etudiante Bachelor of Business Administration ISC Paris Global Programs


First and second year: fundamentals and intermediate-level knowledge
During the first two years of the BBA, students develop an overview of the various key departments in a company: management, communication, marketing, sales, and finance.

Third year: international immersion
The third year of the program involves an international exchange to one of our partner universities (130 universities in more than 43 countries).

This unique experience allows students to boost the international component of their careers.

Fourth year: specializing; career planning
During their fourth year, students will specialize in digital operations management and will have the option to do work-study.

Video du programme BBA


Specialization courses

  • Online Consumer Behavior
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Web Conceptualization
  • Business Models for Digital Transformation
  • The Digital Supply Chain
  • Data analysis
  • Budgeting & controlling
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Team management
  • BBA digital Operations Management

Career paths and further study

Students have two options:

  • Entering the working world

The BBA gives students the skills they need to enter the working world after they graduate, in a Digital Operations Manager role.

They might also want to work in marketing, sales, or operations, or even in a strategic role supporting upper management.

These initial jobs allow graduates to learn about market trends and to manage budgets, and to formulate and make strategic decisions.

  • Further study

Graduates have two options: a Master of Science (MSc) to deepen their management skills, or an MBA in International Business after three to four years of work experience.

Admissions requirements

For year 1 of the BBA:

Must hold a secondary school diploma and be fluent in English

For year 4 of the BBA

Must have three years of university study and be fluent in English; no work experience required


Students have the option to do the fourth year of the BBA program in a work/study model. Schedule: 2 days in the classroom (Paris campus)/3 days in the corporate work placement

Type of employment contract: entry-level or apprentice

Tuition and fees

  • 1st year: 9,950 euros
  • 2nd year: 10 450 euros
  • 3rd year: 10 450 euros
  • 4th year, traditional format: 10 450 euros
  • 4th year, work/study format: Paid by corporate work placement
  • Students who do not hold EU citizenship: supplement of 800 euros

A question
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BBA 1st year
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Business Developper
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BBA 2nd year
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Business Development Manager
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