MSc International Business Finance at ISC Paris

A multi-disciplinary program that trains high-level responsible finance professionals

The key points

  • Admissions requirements Hold a three, four, or five-year undergraduate degree
  • Accreditations Recognized by the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles
  • Languages: 100% in English
  • Schedule: Classroom and work/study
  • Length One or two years of study
  • Tuition 12 750€ (1 year course) ; 20 900€ (2 years course)
  • Next start date September 2023
  • Campus Paris

Overview of the MSc International Business Finance program

The Master of Science International Business Finance’s objective is to provide students with a varied and in-depth knowledge base This program allows them to develop an understanding of the financial markets and of corporate governance, while emphasizing Societal and Environmental Responsibility.
The MSc’s goal is to train managers who can lead responsible economic and financial projects that are fully aligned with market expectations. Graduates will be able to meet challenges and anticipate business transformations. As finance professionals, they will be full participants in the development of the businesses of the future. This program is taught entirely in English. It is ideal for an international finance

The MSc in International Business Finance is offered on our Paris campus.


  • Cash management,
  • Internal audit compliance and fraud,
  • International financial,
  • Reporting standards,
  • Corporate finance,
  • Investments financing,
  • Mergers and acquisitions,
  • Budget controlling,
  • IPO LBO,
  • Insurance and banking regulators and regulations,
  • Finance Business Case

Career paths after the ISC Paris MSc International Business Finance

After earning your MSc, you can embark on a career in a corporate finance department. Your broad skill set and overview of the corporate world will allow you to perform an analysis and share your expertise with decision-makers. You will be able to take on a role with a high degree of responsibility, and to supervise teams. With a specialization in responsible finance, you will know how to provide valuable advice, to tailor your company’s work to the emerging needs of the market and of your clients. You will be prepared for a role such as:

  • Administrative controller
  • Financial Reporting Analyst
  • Head of Financial communication
  • Business Analyst
  • Internal auditor
  • Cash manager

Instructional objectives

  • Understanding and managing financial risks, using a pragmatic approach to tools and techniques, while developing solid financial knowledge applicable to any corporate, banking, or consulting firm situation.
  • In this context, the MSc Finance takes a broad view of the financial techniques that are required to work and grow within a corporate administration and finance department, a finance and investment bank, or a junior member of an auditing firm.

MSc prerequisites and admissions requirements

We offer three admissions options, depending on your background:

  • If you already hold the equivalent of a management-related “Bac+3” in the French system, or the international equivalent, you will enter in the first year of the program–MSc1–and you will then continue on to MSc2.
  • If you have the equivalent of a “Bac+4” in the French system, you will enter in the second year of the program.
  • If you have the equivalent of a “Bac+5” in the French system, you will enter in the second year of the program.

Admissions procedures

Applications are evaluated throughout the year, until the available places are filled.

Next MSc start date: September 2022

This interview is conducted in-person or over Skype by the program coordinators. It allows us to assess your personality, motivation, potential, and skill level. One third of the interview is conducted in English.

Criteria evaluated during the personal interview: open-mindedness, international outlook, good judgment, general knowledge, career planning, work ethic, perseverance, proactivity, agility, initiative, ability to work as part of a team, personality characteristics, analytic ability, public speaking skills, organization and attention to detail, respect for others, career outlook and relevance to the program, maturity.

The application fee is 45 euros

Three-step admissions process.

Online application

Complete your application on our online portal


Administrative review of each candidate’s application by our admissions director;


Personal interview (30-40 minutes) for selected applicants

How much does the ISC Paris MSc International Business Finance cost?

MSC 1 & 2

  • Students who hold EU citizenship: 20,900 euros
  • Students who do not hold EU citizenship: supplement of 2,500 euros


  • Students who hold EU citizenship: 12 750 euros
  • Students who do not hold EU citizenship: supplement of 2,500 euros

*Completing only the first year (MSc 1) is not possible

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