Exchange students

Courses offered in English are in the following subject areas:

Fall Semester :

  •  International Business and Management
  •  Finance
  •  Management of Business Relations
  •  Marketing Management of Luxury Products
  •  Marketing Management of Creative Industries
  •  Marketing Management in the Sport Industry

Spring Semester : 

  •  International Business Management
  •  Marketing Communication
  •  Marketing Management in the Hospitality Industry
  •  Marketing Strategy
  •  Purchasing, Logistics and Distribution

Free Mover

If you wish to spend a semester at ISC Paris as a free mover, please apply online :


International Student Handbook

Click here to download our International Student HandbookInternational Student Handbook

Course Selection

Courses for International Exchange Students
ISC Paris offers courses in English, French and Spanish for students of our international partner institutions. More than 120 courses are offered in English. Below is given a general overview of the courses open to international exchange students. Per semester, students can choose courses from all years combined. ECTS is based on a full student workload and not limited to contact hours only. The basic allocation of academic credits in ECTS is 60 credits for a full year of study, 30 credits for a semester.

Language support for international students

The French foreign language courses offered by the ISC Paris are part of the international opening of the school. They are designed to allow international students to understand and communicate with French people and enjoy the cultural environment in which they will live for one or two semesters.

The training gives equal importance to both written and oral, whatever the level of knowledge of the French language. It is organized into several levels of competence based on criteria set up by the Common European Framework.

The teachers do their utmost to enable beginners to learn the language and grammar essential bases: short dialogues, role playing, …. The cultural differences or codes are explained and students are encouraged to speak as much as possible with those around them daily.

For the intermediate and advanced students, each teacher uses the same method based on writing and  listening. The aim is to develop and consolidate the four skills listed in the Common European Framework: speaking, writing, listening and reading comprehension.

The team of teachers recommend students to take courses in French (Marketing, Finance, HR, …) in addition to French language courses.

How to Apply for an Exchange Program at ISC Paris

If you would like to apply for an exchange program at ISC Paris, please contact the International Department coordinator of your home institution.

The application form can be downloaded here : Application Form

The deadlines for application are :

  •   1st of June (for the Fall semester)
  •   1st of November (for the Spring semester)

You can send the application forms to the International Office :

Ms Laurianne SAISON
International Relations Coordinator


ISC Paris Academic Calendar


  • Mandatory Introduction Day: September 16 2019
  • Orientation Days: September 16 – 20 2019
  • French Seminar: September 23 – 27 2019
  • Start of classes Year 3: September 7 2019
  • Start of classes Year 1 & 2: September 16 & 24 2019

Examination period

  • Year 1 & 2: December 16 – 21 2019
  • Year 3: December 16 – 21 2019


  • Mandatory Introduction DayS: January 3 – 2020
  • Start of classes Year 1, 2 & 3: January 6 2020

Examination period

  • Year 1: April 1 – 3 2020
  • Year 2: April 6 – 10 2020
  • Year 3: Until April 24 2020