Pre-requisites and admissions requirements

You must submit your application via our online application platform and submit the supporting documents as requested :

  • Passport or identity document
  • CV/Resume
  • Cover letter indicating your motivation for pursuing this program
  • Your most recent diploma or degree
  • Grade transcripts or a certificate of school enrollment
  • Proof of residency (outside France)

Registration fees for the competitive examinations are typically 50 euros for the Bachelor program and 85 euros for the Grande École program.

Due to the current public health situation, competitive examinations will be offered–from April onward–at no cost, for any new applicants for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The competitive examination is supplemented with a review of your application and a 30-minute online interview via Skype.

Selection criteria will include your academic skills, your personality, and your motivation to pursue this program. Your values, commitment, language skills, and career plans are questions that we will discuss with you during this conversation, to determine whether you are a good fit for ISC Paris Grande École’s programs. You will also have the chance to ask us questions about the program and the school, to determine whether we are the right fit for you. We will give these questions our full attention.

Apply online

Competitive examination schedule
Examination sessions are held on weekdays from November through July, with a limited number of places available–one session per month.
Preparing for the oral exam
We offer telephone sessions upon request, to help you prepare for the format of the oral exam, so that you can feel relaxed on the day of your exam.


International students
Ismaïla Wade
Director of Development Africa
(+33) (0)1 40 53 61 70
International Admissions Officer
(+33) (0)1 40 53 79 32