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Interview of Sevara Khosiyatkulova, Student of the MSc Program

Sevara Khosiyatkulova

Can you introduce yourself and share with us your academic background?

I´m Sevara Khosiyatkulova, young marketing professional doing my master´s degree with Mainz University of Applied Sciences in Germany and ISC Paris Business School. I am also DAAD, UNESCO and EBRD Scholar, also currently part of Erasmus+. My main focus in German university is MAIB, International Business and here in ISC it´s MSc with focus on Marketing. 

I obtained my bachelors from British university Westminster University branch based in Uzbekistan, which is providing me excellent opportunity to compare education systems in Germany, France, UK and Uzbekistan.

Why did you choose the Msc Program of ISC Paris Business School ?

Subjects offered by ISC Paris Business School have attracted me due to the benefit they could bring to my personal and professional growth. Currently I am focusing on my master’s thesis and in my career in the beauty industry and ISC Paris Business School provides subjects like Luxury Product Management, PR, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Big Data Management, CSR and many other interesting modules that are of high interest for me. Apart from that Paris is the most desired location for professionals who specialize in beauty and luxury product management since it´s the capital for most well known beauty brands.

Can you tell us about your experience as a student at ISC Paris Business School ?

I have joined from spring semester 2022, which to my surprise starts earlier than any other university I have studied with but this is also the beauty of studying with this university because students have enough study and life balance after the classes. I was glad to see professors with professional field experience who can help us obtain not only theoretical but also practical knowledge.

Can you tell us what you have learned during your first semester?

It´s a bit early to make conclusions but I really liked how balanced are the classes, basically students have enough time to focus on each subject separately. I also liked the diversity of students in the classes, all from different parts of the world, I believe ISC Paris Business School is truly international in this regard.

Why would you recommend the ISC Paris Msc program to future students?

Due to the syllabus and academic modules provided by the university, diversity of students, study and life balance. Other benefits each person can discover individually depending on their demands once they join.